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Reviews of Bigfoot Likes the Ladies

On 11.14.11 | In C.D. On Songs | by

We’re all back from the long holiday weekend. I know it was only three days, but it feels like forever, right? Sheesh. Maybe it’s because so much happened over the weekend. Like last night, for example, local MC-that-you-don’t-have-to-be-afraid-of (he does not call himself this; it would be an absolutely horrible name for an MC, marketing-wise) J-Krafty released this super-sweet crypto-hop single at The Burren. Maybe you heard these dulcet tones coming through the walls and wondered just what was going on in there. Well, I’ll help you. This was going on. And you missed it. But you don’t have to miss this. 

Last time we heard from J-Krafty, he was being, well crafty. And I mean with a glue gun and bedazzler and stuff. MC Krafty gets a little… craftier in this slicked-back ode to Bigfoot. Who doesn’t love Bigfoot? Apparently some people don’t, because “Bigfoot Likes The Ladies” is an ode to the hairy dude (the one from American legend, not the one from Vermont-it-is). What’s more: it is a convincing piece for any of you who need a rhetorical argument as to the upped-level of Bigfoot. J-Krafty paints an urban picture of Bigfoot as a straight-up playa whose hood isn’t made out of concrete but big ole trees.

“Bigfoot…” mixes hip-hop sensibilities; with the bravada of old-school anthem rap and the auto-tuned vocals of the very new school – or at least anyone who has the T-Pain app. What better musical vehicle for a creature who has defied capture for time immemorial? Apocalyptic guitars and bass motifs bring the stomptastic darkness of the woods, crashing around in the underbrush like we imagine Bigfoot might do outside of your campsite. While the wordless backing tracks (we hip-hop moguls call them “beats”) are slightly menacing in their intensity and minor key, the lyrics tell us to be be not afraid of the hairy behemoth celebrated in the lyrics.

Speaking of lyrics, J-Krafty’s vocal flow does exactly what you want it to: makes poetically echoing connections that are so strong that you wonder why you hadn’t made them yourself before. This is most evident in the cataclysmic breakdown, where Krafty and krew (come on) breaks it down and spells it up for us, in both his (Bigfoot’s) Americanized nickname and more Native-American sounding proper name (Sasquatch). This track is a little goofy – it tries to sell Bigfoot as a gangsta – but you find yourself nodding along to the beat and imagining the inevitable music video with Bigfoot wearing sunglasses, working a gangsta-lean and wearing a sidewards baseball hat with a pixelated-out logo on it.